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While the benefits of owning a holiday property on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain are quite obvious with the year round sun, relatively quick flights from north Europe and very low tax economy, the property or real estate market has been at the very best depressed in more recent years. Visitors are still arriving in Tenerife in their millions so it is obvious that this state of affairs will not last for for very long and now there are signs of an up turn.

There are good bargains to be found for the serious purchaser, indeed I located a one bed apartment or condo for sale in the Costa del Silencio (a popular holiday resort in the south of the island) for just over 55,000 euros (about 43,000 or 85,000$), this is probably less than half the cost of a park style home in Britain and I know what I would rather have! Plus there is always the cost saving option to rent it when you are not using it yourself.

In the popular holiday resort of Playa de las Americas, south Tenerife 1 bed apartments complete with all furniture and pool, can be found for just 89,000 euros (about 69,000 or 137,000$). This is for a resale (second hand) property so it can be purchased very quickly, which literally means in a few days you could be lazing in your very own vacation home and bathing in your very own swimming pool!

If you wish to get away from the main tourist towns and go 10 minutes inland, 2 bed, fully furnished apartments coming complete with car garage can be purchased for just over 110,000 euros (about 86,000 or 167,000$) in nice residential towns like the Valle San Lorenzo, Tenerife. Buy a small run around to leave in the garage and you are set up for great holidays for many years to come.

Of course the old saying "you will get what you pay for" still holds true, so if you wish to spend just a few more euros, two bed, two bath fully furnished or refurbished apartments near to the beach with all amenities can be located a plenty. If you wish to laze on your own balcony and view the deep blue ocean this will command a premium, but they are there to be found.

Being a smallish island, the supply of building land on Tenerife is not going to be never ending so the developers concentrate on building small apartment complexes where permission has allowed with the room sizes seeming to get smaller each year. Townhouses and detached villas can be bought but prices are much higher. Townhouses are available from over 157,000 euros (about 122,000 or 242,000$) and nice villas from about 241,000 euros (about 188,000 or 372,000$).

In what direction will Tenerife Property prices go is the main question everyone keeps asking? Well if you consider that Tenerife Island is in a very stable arera of the world, there is virtually guaranteed sun (almost certainly the only major European tourist destination that this is the case apart from the other main Canary Islands), it is well served by the airlines and a seemingly never ending supply of visitors and there can only be one serious answer.
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