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Ask most people "where is Puglia?" and they probably would not know, tell them that if a map of Italy is a boot and that Puglia is the heel, then just about everyone could point it out or visualise its location in an instant.

Being in the deep south of the Italian peninsular guarantees mild springs and autumns, fantastic long hot summers and short mild winters. This fact alone should make it a major tourist destination you would think, but apart from the Italians themselves very few other European or transatlantic tourists venture there, although this is gradually changing. The arrival of the no frills airlines to the two international Puglia airports of Bari and Brindisi has started a mini boom of the more discerning type of tourist.

Attractions are more of the cultural type, with historic towns and cities high up on most visitors must see lists. Combine this with the beautiful, peaceful countryside, plus the quiet beaches and often spectacular coast and you can see more holiday makers than ever are returning time and again.

Real estate has become another big draw, with other more popular parts of Italy becoming ever more expensive, the relatively cheap Puglian property is still in good supply, with apartments in historical town centres, walled masseria, the famous cone topped trulli and country villas being snapped up by investors keen to take advantage of what is still a rising market. Most are used as holiday homes by UK or German citizens for their own use or rented out where they command good prices, but increasingly people are retiring to Puglia or just moving there to get away from the "rat race" and a better life.

The history of Puglia is nothing short of amazing, from the bronze age through the many invaders, Greek, Roman (Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great fought battles here) , Carthaginian (Hannibal spent many winters in Puglia and inflicted the heaviest defeat the Romans ever knew in Puglia) to medieval kingdoms, all of which have left many traces all over the region. Many of the smaller towns and cities still have an historical centre very much in use to this day, with narrow cobbled streets and alleys so close that balconies seem to almost touch. Ostuni is one of those popular with the visitors, with its impressive walls and hilltop centre visible from miles around.

Getting to Puglia for the British tourist is either by driving along the excellent main roads across Europe, about twenty four hours driving or a budget flight costing sometimes less than 20 per person.
Discover more tourist information about Puglia, please see Puglia in southern Italy.

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