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In the not too distant past the Accrington Property market was less than buoyant, but in the last 4 years things have changed dramatically and property prices have increased in certain places by as much as 600 per cent. The most common increase however has been throughout 3 to 400 per cent.

This significant change has been come about by government intervention and by being designated a regeneration area which in turn has meant mass demolition of very many traditional terraced houses. In fact it would have been lower in cost to have significantly renovated these properties to bring them back to life but lack of well paid jobs has meant considerable well educated & ambitious locals were forced to move elsewhere to make a decent living.

The increase in prices has in fact been a double edged sword and whilst Accrington property prices are now more in line with the National property prices, it has really made the poor poorer. Although citizens are selling their properties for what appears to be vastly increased sums of money they are actually no better off because they still have to pay for a new home and of course all property prices have risen. Those that really need to trade up from a two bedroom property to a three bedroom property are finding the massive increase in price between the two prohibitive, meaning multiple poorer households are living in over crowded conditions.

To various extent it might have been better for the locals, (unless they moved from the locale), for prices to remain low because it meant that with their low wages they could afford to complete a purchase their first home. Unfortunately wages in district have still have not increased and in sundry ways the situation has become worse because East Europeans moving to the area, will are happy to work for the lowest wage, making also poorly paid jobs more scarce & not giving employers any encouragement whatsoever to improve their rates of pay.

It all sounds like doom and gloom but this certainly isn’t the case for those who do earn above the smallest wage and people moving into the town. Accrington is a lovely place to reside as you are never far away from a beautiful view of Lancashire’s undulating countryside. The Town centre is only around 20 miles to either Manchester and Preston. We have all the convenience of being close to these cities while living in pretty, quaint rural town. Accrington has a low crime rate & a good well integrated ethnic community; it has had none of the problems of our close neighbours Blackburn and Burnley.
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